EDGE Travel | Who We Are
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Founder & Business Development




The original visionary, whom heads up our creativity, our supplier-client relationships, marketing, PR & our sales efforts, while doing it all in style! What can we say; she is the reason we are recognized for doing things different! She lives on the “EDGE”, rocks some badass short hair & really knows how to show our clients a fabulous time as the ultimate host. Holding over 15 years of experience in the luxury hospitality realm in Miami, the Caribbean & Central America, she keeps us ticking with extraordinary know-how & a magnificent globalized perspective.

Partner & Managing Director




We call him Batman, lets start there! In charge of our operations & all business aspects of the company he ensures the job gets done & gets done right. His ample career & over 20 years experience in business operations and customer service has made him our MVP without doubt.

Partner – Mexico & Emerging Markets




Sometimes the best things come to you in the least expected packages. Once a client & now a partner, friend & above all, an impactful associate in our business, she is “It”! Yup, she’s that cool! Her vision & creative outlook makes our programs stand above everything else. In charge of business development & sales, she also heads up our wellness division & supports our efforts in creating new products as well as promotion & operations. She’s the face you want to see at your event, she’s the partner in crime that we all needed & with over 15 years in marketing, advertising & PR her experience leads us to the top.




Finance & Administration




Every successful company has someone behind it keeping it together. That’s Beto as we call him. Our most senior partner & reason for absolute focus he comes to us with a background of over 35 years of administration & finance expertise as well as entrepreneurship. His constant guide & direction makes us run like a Swiss clock, & we like that!

Product & Reservations




Our product powerhouse goes way back with us, as we’ve known her since she was 5, literally. She is living proof that loyalty & trust are far above skin deep. Her experience encompasses hots over 10 years within the Central American tourism business & she knows these countries like you want to know them too! Her tight relationships with our suppliers get us only the best & most privileged access & thus how we keep on rocking!

Northeastern Sales Rep




Its a long story here, Jeff was our first associate ever. He started off with us at our marketing company & soon took off to find his way into the Big Apple. And OH what a way he has found! As an overnight entrepreneur himself he represents us & collaborates with all our regional sales efforts. A innate sales person with fantastic PR he understands the countries we operate & has been drunk on our KoolAid for years, which has given him a perfect grasp on how we operate & how to convey it well.



Quality Assurance




Perfection & Quality is an understatement. She makes things personal. You walk into a room post Tina´s inspection & you may just never want to leave it again. Leaving no stone un-turned she makes all things nice with some sugar & spice. Yes, she looks like Cristina, & yes, she is her mom! Its a family business here & we say so proudly as we make you part of our family too.

Information Technologies




He´s the techy guy. He makes us appear here, look good & makes you book! More than collaborate with us internally he supports our client apps & technical customer service abilities. He makes our quotes easy for you & monitors all our clients while on the ground. He’s also a recent graduate of Costa Rica´s number one university (the Institute of Technology) & no one can hit up a computer like this kid! In a world where computers are kings, he owns the castle!