EDGE Travel | What We Do
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Everyone has a story and this is ours

After 15 years plus in the international luxury hospitality business, doing everything from sales & marketing to hotel openings & a rolodex full of buyers, clients & hotels, we realized that something was missing in our world & that of our friends…

Our founder, Cristina Jones, had recently moved to Costa Rica from Miami & soon saw a vast opportunity to shift the name of the game. Like most everything that empowers us, we simply decided to create it because no one else in our region seemed to be getting it like we saw it. With that, EDGE was born. Influenced by Cristina’s Ian Schrarger schooling, EDGE is Central America’s ultimate Engaging Dynamic Great Experience.

EDGE is a lifestyle. We lead it & live it & now also share it with you, our friends & clients. We do business with who we love – only. We do business for the peeps that we get to know & understand – only. We are selective & niche-oriented & we aren’t your average Joe!

We host you, we sit at your table, & we literally may even be holding your hand across a hanging bridge.  We don’t believe in traditional tourism so we made up our own.

Our Operation

EDGE offers travel services throughout Central America, Mexico & the USA.  Most recently we are also operating some awesome outbound programs to international destinations as well, however our core is inbound travel to the Americas.  

We take great pride in doing things differently. Our globe-trotting & multi-cultured team has experienced only the best the world has to offer. We are more selective, & offer a wider range of untapped products & services than anyone else. We are also serious about our unrivaled dedication to customer service.

We believe in loyalty & in being top producers & executors for a small select group of partners & partners, clients & suppliers & rather than being it all to everyone. It is because of this, that we can offer higher value & truly differentiated experiences.

Our Services

Group Incentive Travel


Corporate Meetings


Executive Retreats


International Leisure


Full Destination Management


VIP Airport immigration access and assistance for all our guests


VIP arrangements for private groups and FIT’s


A select team for high-profile guest management


Our own aircraft for internal flights


Luxury vehicles for ground transportation


Exclusive representation of luxury villas and hotels


Privileged hotel accommodations and treatment


24-hour assistance and concierge service

Unique adventures & experiences as well as off-the-beaten-path explorations.


Occasion celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, & bachelor or bachelorette parties.


Pre-arrival personal shopping, grocery shopping, & special accommodation arrangements such as flowers, candles, welcome baskets, music, & more.


A series of selectively represented venues, including some that we own & operate ourselves, which will give you flexibility & control.


Total event & experience creativity that can suggest events & locations that you may not know about.

Book With Us

Book with us & see how we are changing inbound leisure & group travel to Central America. Solely powered by the privileges of preferential access & vertically integrated services we are nothing like the neighbors as we aren’t afraid to say that we are the only destination management company that truly knows “cool”!

We sell B2B as our primary operation, accepting bookings from retail travel agents, outbound tour operators & professional travel planners globally, as well as direct consumers & all with a hell of a lot of style!

Travel with Us

When you travel with EDGE, you can expect access to 24/7 support, as well as  to the unattainable. With unprecedented attention to detail, our elite team of international, multi-lingual hospitality managers will deliver unparalleled service. Our primary objective is to inspire adventure, discovery, & enchantment; our promise is to deliver in style. We offer one bank account for payment, even for multi-country journeys, rather than numerous payment transactions as well.

Our Itinerary Science

As a consumer, we believe that each trip should be made in genuine-form, so we create original & personalized programs based on your interests & preferences. However, we also believe in sharing the love & we have a whole deck of programs that we already run successfully that you can enjoy immediately too.

As a travel planner, we always work with you to create an unforgettable trip that your clients will praise you for. To us, your own experience in the planning is as important as your guests in traveling. We like to think of ourselves as the “James Bond” of the local industry.