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Pack your boots and your bathers… leave the backpack behind.

What if you could explore a tropical paradise, without the stress of logistics?


Imagine stepping off your flight, and being whisked straight into a private transfer. No waiting to catch the public transport, blindly attempting to navigate foreign bus systems or taxis. No hauling your luggage down gravel roads in search of an elusive address. Instead, you’re already checked in. Rested and refreshed, and sipping on your first rum cocktail… poolside.


Whatever your paradise looks like, Edge Travel is already there.


VIPs, private groups, high-profile clients expecting the top level of service and expertise.


Extreme thrill-seekers exploring unchartered territory in search of that next shot of adrenaline.


Trendsetters itching to trade familiar territory for the heat of new city streets.

beach bums

Free spirits more in tune with the surf, sun and sand than the stress of the modern world.

In Their Own Words

The Difference Maker


Cristina Jones, Founder-President

By integrating a PR and marketing firm with an on-the-ground destination management team, Edge Travel has beat the trend by exploring untapped markets in well-known destinations.


Led by Cristina Jones, a 2016 Travvy Award winner for most innovative travel executive, Edge specializes in the high-end, niche luxury sector for inbound travel to Central America. They are also known for collaborating with global outbound travel as well, from anywhere to anywhere… as long as it requires an epic performance.


Cristina taps into her extensive network, built over the last 15 years in the luxury hospitality industry, to secure better negotiation terms, more access and exclusivity, as well as select privileges and extended opportunities for her clients.


Under Cristina’s travel planning expertise, Edge Travel is quickly becoming the region’s premier destination management company. This position is further backed through CJONES&CO, her Costa Rica based business development, PR and marketing firm, and WE-R-CR, specializing in Central America’s prime real estate and vacation rentals.




Miles of Coastline





Interested in making one of these fantasies your reality?